Blues festival RETURNS Easter Long Weekend 2023


Tickets on sale now 

The Bluesfest koala program, in association with Tthe university of queenslands koala ecology & research center, has now been occurring for over a decade since 2011.

As a partnership, Bluesfest has been coordinating a habitat restoration program on site and has already planted hundreds of Koala food trees at the Bluesfest site, with more planted regularly. The plantings are aimed at increasing habitat and providing important linkages.

Yesterday, we had the pleasure of naming our newest baby Koala on the Bluesfest site – meet Buddy! 🐨

In honour of… well, you know! Buddy is a very healthy and happy male baby Koala, around 9 months old. His mother, who is named Tash, is also very healthy, around 3 years old now! 

We are happy to report the confirmed siting of four healthy baby Koalas on site currently (potentially a fifth going by a possible siting of one of the Koalas seen with a young!) Our goal has always been to create a healthy breeding colony of Koalas on our site so, in our own small way, we contribute to saving Koalas.

It seems the process implemented of capturing, checking for disease, treating the diseased at the Koala Hospital, and then releasing them back on the Bluesfest site is producing the result we have all worked toward…



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