Byron Community Market
Byron community marketsDue to the COVID-19 social distancing laws, Byron community markets will be cancelled until further notice.

First Sunday of every Month the Market is to be held at the beachfront rather than Butler Street reserve Sunday, August 4th
The construction of the Bus Depot at Butler Street reserve has meant a drastic move for the longstanding Byron Community Markets. Over the years, The Byron Market has developed a loyal following and a fierce reputation as an icon of Byron Bay Culture. The open spaces and gravel aisles of Butler Street Reserve have long been home to the huge array of stalls- featuring art, fashion, homewares, produce, food and live music. But as of Sunday, August 4th, the Byron Community Markets will shift from its well-worn home to its new location (for 6 months anyway) at the Beachfront. Community organisers are assuring us that all our favourites will be present and accounted for at the beachfront and urging everyone to keep the monthly tradition going. Now located directly across the road from Bayview Beachfront Apartments, there’s really no excuse not to enjoy it.

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