Cancellation Policy 

Our Cancellation policy direct bookings is as follows:


– For direct bookings made within this time, we require the first night’s tariff as your deposit.

– To cancel outside 30 days prior to arrival: $165 cancellation fee.  

– To cancel within 30 days of arrival: no refund of deposit.   

– To cancel within 72 hours of arrival: full tariff is due and will be charged to the credit card on file.


– For direct bookings made in peak holiday/festival times we require a 50% deposit upon booking.

– To cancel outside 30 days prior to arrival – Cancellation is 50% of the total price

– To cancel within 30 days of arrival- Cancellation fee is 100% of the total price

*IMPORTANT UPDATE: Please note that due to there being no enforceable government restrictions surrounding COVID-19 (including no isolation period) the cancellation policy will apply if your booking is canceled due to COVID. Check that your travel insurance policy covers this.

We recommend you take out Travel Insurance to cover the above cancellation policies for flight delays, natural disasters, family emergencies, sickness, change of plans etc.

In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to cancel your booking at any time and issue a full refund. These events include, but are not limited to; sale of the property, weather damage, power blackouts, insect infestation, floods, plumbing issues, and any other unusual event. We strongly advise you to take out travel insurance to cover any unforeseen cancellations.


Terms and conditions


We are not a hotel and apartments are self-contained (not serviced).

Charges apply for additional towels or linen. Essentials like toiletries, tissues, toilet paper are not topped up during your stay. Extra supplies are available for purchase in reception if you cannot make it to a supermarket.

*By accepting the apartment keys I/we agree to the below & a breach of house rules will incur additional charges & could lead to eviction without refund. I have noted & understood the terms/conditions of my booking and the cancellation policy.

*By accepting the apartment keys I/we to the best of our knowledge have not been diagnosed with COVID-19 and are not showing any symptoms. If at any stage of your stay at Bayview you do start to show symptoms and are concerned you may have contracted COVID-19 please alert our staff immediately and please contact health officials for advise on how to proceed. 


Unfortunately, we have to enforce house rules to ensure all guests enjoy their stay, so please be respectful of all guests and Bayview staff.

 Behaviour Charges from $110 &/or eviction will apply. Security will be called and the cost charge to guests.

                    We ask that all guests be off balconies, in courtyards or BBQ area after 10pm.

                     No Unregistered guests in the complex after 10pm.

                     Request to open the gate or unit after 10pm.

                     Noisy, offensive, unruly behaviour at any time.

                     The pool area closes at 8pm

                     Large groups congregating in apartments or on balconies at any time.

                     Outside guests using Pool or BBQ area

                     Unregistered guests or exceeding max allowed staying in apartments.  

Car park -Strictly 1 car space per unit & No parking allowed in staff parking or loading zones at the rear of the building.

                     All other vehicles to park off-site. $110 fine if parked in incorrect space or using 2 spaces.

Please note that any vehicle parked on Bayview property is parked at the vehicle owner and/or driver’s own risk and neither the Owners Corporation, management or staff of Bayview Beachfront Apartments accept any liability for any damage or theft of a vehicle or its contents.

Pool/BBQ – For the use of Bayview guests ONLY

                     Lounges cannot be reserved. Belongings will be removed by Staff if left on unused lounges.

                     For the consideration of other guests, please clean the BBQ after use

Smoking  –    No Smoking in apartments. $330 charge.

Smoking is allowed on Balconies, but please close the door to the apartment. Charges will apply if apartment smells of smoke.

Cleaning   –   If a unit left in an unacceptable state such as rubbish/bottles/dirty dishes: min charge $110

Check out strictly by 10 am – guests & vehicles – charges apply if after 10am.

I/we understand I am responsible for payment of any breakages &/or damage caused.

I/we agree my liability for charges is not waived and agree to be held personally liable in the event the indicated person or association fails to pay.

I/we agree all outstanding charges on my account will be paid before departure.

I/we authorize Maintenance/Housekeeping staff access to my unit if necessary.

I/We agree to the following & a breach of house rules will incur additional charges & could lead to eviction without refund.I have noted & understood the terms/conditions & cancellation policy of my booking including no refund for a shortened length of stay.

Best regards

Bayview team

Coronavirus COVID-19 precautions

We wanted to assure you that, as well as our normal cleaning processes, we have ensured all kitchen, bathroom & other surfaces, door handles & light switches have been wiped down with disinfectant when we cleaned your room before you arrived.

We also wipe down as many common area surfaces and gate handles with anti-bacterial wipes as at least twice a day and disinfect the BBQ and BBQ area table tops each morning. The handrails in the stairwells are also disinfected every day. The swimming pool is chlorinated which, best guidance at this stage suggests, will kill the virus but there is no guarantee. If you are uncertain and concerned about these areas being contaminated please avoid them.

Obviously there is only so much we can do so please also practice good hygiene measures. Here is what the Australian health authorities are currently recommending:

Regularly wash hands thoroughly with soap and water, particularly before and after eating, and after using the toilet.

Avoid touching your face, particularly your eyes, mouth and nose.

Avoid touching other people where possible & keep a safe distance ( 1.5m )Cough into your elbow or into a clean tissue, then throw the tissue in the bin.

Seek medical attention if you’re feeling sick. Be aware that most people currently experiencing cold and flu symptoms won’t have COVID-19.

For more information and tips to help improve your safety and wellbeing, visit the Department of Health website ( COVID-19 hotline is  1800 020 080 if you have any concerns.

Please note that we are not health professionals or experts and, at this stage, the situation seems to be changing rapidly. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to guarantee that the above measures will ensure your safety so please take your own precautions