Minyon Falls:

Minyon falls bush walkMinyon falls bushwalk is located in the stunning Nightcap National Park and are rightfully, Byron’s most famous waterfalls. They plunge more than 100 meters over jagged cliffs to the pools below.

Nightcap National Park is the traditional land of the Bundjalung People, in particular the Widjabul People who have inhabited the area for thousands of years. The park contains many ancient sites of cultural significance, including ceremonial and sacred sites that are still used by local Aboriginal people today. The creeks, plants, animals, and landscape of the park feature in the stories, teachings, and practices of Aboriginal people that continue to be passed on today.


*Please note, that if you are going to swim do not wear sunscreen or deodorants as this can harm the fragile wildlife that lives in these water holes.

Location: Minyon Drive, Nightcap National Park. 45 minutes drive from Bayview Apartments.

Hiking options: There a 2 hiking options when visiting Minyon Falls;

Minyon Grass Picnic Area: a 2-hour return walk taking you to the base of the falls. Minyon Loop Walking Track: 7.5 km return, grade-4 hike winding through the dense rain forest and flowing creeks. Approx. 4-5 hours.

Both Minyon falls bush walks include a relatively steep climb. If Hiking isn’t an option, the panoramic views from the lookout are still spectacular and worth a visit. The platform is a 15-minute return walk from the car park.

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